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Organization is more than a to-do list. Getting organized is about finding the tools that work for you and using them to create the life you want. That is why we are pleased to partner with the A. T. Cross Company, a global leader in the innovation and design of fine writing instruments and personal accessories, sold worldwide.

America's first manufacturer of quality writing instruments, Cross has been combining design ingenuity with astute craftsmanship since 1851. Cross pens have been used by presidents to sign landmark legislation, world leaders to sign peace treaties, scholars to pen the books our children read, and by individuals every day to create their plans for the future.

At FranklinPlanner, we have always believed there is a certain magic that happens when your aspirations, goals and dreams are written down. It is part of the process towards their realization. Carrying a lifetime mechanical guarantee, Cross is the perfect partner to accompany you through your own life, wherever your journey may take you.