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BUILT is guided by the tradition of American industrial design which holds that form is as important as function, and color is the glue that binds them together. Their award-winning neoprene lunch totes make packing a lunch not only eco-friendly, but stylish as well. Their laptop covers reflect the BUILT belief that products should be made strong, made simple, should pack flat, and be priced low.

Based in New York City, BUILT draws inspiration for its products from the city that never sleeps. BUILT is driven by a desire to make everyday life more enjoyable through unique design, innovative materials, and bold use of color drawn from the everyday world all around us. Their award winning in-house design team lives by a set of rules and beliefs: color is king, design should be simple and intelligent, and the future lies on the factory floor.

Whether you're eating, working, or playing - Built has you covered so you can Love Your Stuff.