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Established in 2006 by entrepreneur Angela Han and Creative and Design Director Joseph Janus, BODHI ushered in a new wave of luxury by challenging the conventional handbag. Artistic and architectural, BODHI bags are inspired more by color and creative expression than by seasonal trends.

Each men's, women's, and travel collection is handcrafted with attention to form and to function in a breadth of styles and colors. Always fashioned from the finest leathers, the unique aesthetic of BODHI bags has caught the eye of tastemakers throughout the fashion industry. Reflecting the Eastern spirituality embedded in the BODHI brand name (Bodhi is a Buddhist word meaning "enlightenment"), Janus allots a mantra to each style. The mantra is sewn delicately on the inside of each bag.

BODHI bags can be seen in prominent fashion publications like ELLE and InStyle and are a favorite accessory for many well-known celebrities. FranklinPlanner is excited to give our customers the red-carpet treatment with these beautiful ways to keep your day under exquisite control.