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Thirty years of experience as a manager, corporate consultant, and faculty member at the University of Iceland made one thing very clear to Thorsteinn Gardarsson—it’s individuals who get things done, not companies. So he set about developing better products than those already on the market. His goal? To help people turn ideas into words and words into action. Gardarsson based his products on the concept that form must follow function. In other words—the need the product is designed to meet must rule the way the product is designed. The result is a product that’s as crisp and clear as the Icelandic skies.

At FranklinCovey, we also know that the biggest problem companies—and individuals—face is not coming up with good ideas, it’s finding a way to act on those good ideas. That’s why a partnership with Action Day was a natural for us. We’re on the same page.

The first Action Day Planner was printed in Iceland in 2003. Customers love it so much it is now in demand in 28 countries around the world. We’re excited to make all four Action Day products available to our FranklinCovey customers.