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PlanPlus for Mac and iPad and iPhone

Happy New Year FC,

Looking at the site, I was hoping to find a new app for my Mac,iPad,iPhone, that supported the Plan Plus. But Nooooooooooooo. I have used Macs for years and FC for years also,(paper) so why has it taken so long to get this together. For a company that prides its self in planning..........boy have you guys blown it. I asked if they were working on Apps for the mac, and yes they said.......so when is this going to happen?

I am going paperless as much as possible this year, and I am a true believer in the FC system.....so PLEASE FC......get the show on the Road.

Your Mac/FC FanBoy


I've used Franklin Covey

I've used Franklin Covey paper for years.  Love the system.  I switched to mac (laptop, ipad, iphone) a year ago and am disappointed that I can't get the system for my mac life.  If I knew mac was this superior I would've switched years ago.  Please keep us loyal FC customers in mind.  Come up with a system we can sync throughout our devices that encompasses the FC model of first things first, service, planning, 7 habits + 8th habit etc.  It's a great system that shouldn't get lost.  It's a system based on true ethics, character development, family, priorities (that is becoming increasingly rare in this world).  I'm trying to pass this methodology onto my kids and they are all technology driven not paper based.

Folks, I hate to sound

Folks, I hate to sound arrogant, but it is my belief that FC has made a business decision to forego developing a decent app for iPhone/iPad because they will make more money (they think) from continued paper planner sales than from app sales.  The app sells for $5.99 and a paper planner for $26, or so...      Anyone who believes a smooth planner-type app for the iPhone is difficult to write for a software designer is probably misled.  But I admit I am not an expert.

I agree that FC is in danger of getting left behind.  Too bad, because I would pay $5-10 a year for a good app that had all the features of the paper planners and was user-configurable (i.e., you could choose to download inspirational quotes, prioritize task lists vs. daily events for screens, etc.). Instead, I am looking at alternatives like Google, Momonote, and Toodledo.

I Totally agree with KrisD

I Totally agree with KrisD and Fed Dude!  I love FC planners, but I will not do without my iMac/iPad.  Guess I
also will have to look elsewhere.  Too bad....

Ooops,  Forgot to include

Ooops,  Forgot to include Jeff's comment, which I (obviously) agree with 100%!  There must be lots of other long-time Mac/FC Fans out there waiting for what we all want;  but for how long? 

Have you seen

Have you seen this:
Download the alpha - it looks really promising, and the more support this guy gets, the better. (I have no connection with TaskApp, by the way: I've just downloaded it today to see if it can compete with Things and OmniFocus.) What do you think?

I've been waiting for the FC

I've been waiting for the FC Mac app after switching over 5 years ago, and now would also like to see an Android app too.  It would appear that FC does not have Mac or Android listed as one of their big rocks in their weekly planning!  I've gone back to paper planning and I check back about every 6 months to see what's new.  Looks like steady progress on the online version, but I'm not a "cloud" type.  Hope to see something this year from FC.  I am sending you positive thoughts that you will expand your horizons!  Best of luck to you! 

The Android app (PlanPlus

The Android app (PlanPlus Tasks) is available now, and features ABC-123 prioritization and other FranklinCovey conventions. Check it out:

Check out Opus Domini.

Check out Opus Domini.  Hallelujah!  At last there is a Franklin app for Mac.  Thank you, Piso13.  

Seriously!  I am so excited.

Seriously!  I am so excited. Just purchased and downloaded this absolutely fabulous app!  It's bea-u-ti-ful! Thanks opus domini!

Hello,Just to clarify, this


Just to clarify, this app was not created by FranklinCovey.

I am a UK based FranklinCovey

I am a UK based FranklinCovey paper user but now I want to but a 100% solution for my iPad with sync to my Mac. A cloud based solution does not make any sense as access via Wifi in every location is not feasible - so I will avoid that completely.

Omnifocus works well as a filed project and task system but does not offer the organisation and thinking processes of FC for Values, Mission, Roles, Goals and weekly Compass. These would be worth having!!

Opus Domini is good on the Mac but does not have an iPad version and this is core to replace the hand held paper system. It is in their plan from what I have read but it could be some time.

What is the Franklin Covey plan for iPad and Mac users???


I will ask our Tech Team for

I will ask our Tech Team for you and will let you know. Thank you for your question!

From our Tech Team: Our plan

From our Tech Team: Our plan is to create various iPad task and planning apps – they are in the works now. We will let you know once they are released.

Thanks for your reply. I am

Thanks for your reply. I am really pleased to see the decision and I am sure FC clients will be also It also leads to three further questions......
1. Will it sync across Macs, iPhones ?
2. Will it also allow weekly,daily planning FC style with AtoC tasks, appointments and daily notes ?
3. Will it allow sync with project planning task apps (multi level tasking) like Omnifocus?
There is a final and more essential question.... What is the planned date for release to the market ??
Thanks !

TO the Tech Team:  you are

TO the Tech Team:  you are missing the point!  I (and all of the other posters) do not want VARIOUS apps.  I want the whole FC plan in one app!  If ONE app can replace my paper planner completely, it's worth it to me.  If it can't all be integrated in one app, it goes against the whole point of the FC system.

Looks like Apple is going to provide their own solution to this with the new OS and ICloud coming in the fall.

For those of us that have

For those of us that have been waiting, it seems like maybe Apple is going to provide some help on their own!  With the new Ios and ICloud coming this fall, there will be a lot of pieces that have been lacking in Planner apps  that you will be able to use through your regular old ICal.  AND it will sync across ALL your devices (even PC's) AND you can share calendars with others that have the same Ios and Icloud capability...
i.e. I can enter doctor appointments in my calendar on the fly with my Iphone.  It will wirelessly automatically put that appointment on ALL my devices and ALSO put it on my hubby's calendar on HIS devices.

Go to apple.com to check out all the new features...guessing I will not need to get a new paper planner for 2012.

I too have been an FC user

I too have been an FC user for many years. I have recently switched to a MacBook Pro and am extremely disappointed that FC is so far behind the power curve when listening to their customers. 
I read very clearly that Mac and Ipad users want a program compatible with Mac OS which is the same as that provided for Windows OS.  After years of complaining it seems that we as customers should realize that FC does not care about what their customer want.  
There are other options for calendars and tasks yet do not include the FC features.  Maybe I need to suck it up and endure another learning curve to find something that will meet my needs.
Thanks for nothing FC.

Sorry it's not better news,

Sorry it's not better news, but the future of FranklinCovey on the Mac is still not to the point where we can announce anything solid.
What I can assure you is that 1) there are plans; 2) we're listening, and we know we're late on the Apple-front; 3) when it does finalize, the FC app(s) will be Mac-tastic.

It has been good to catch up

It has been good to catch up on the comments - reply from FranklinCovey is disappointing. Yes we are glad you are working but this does not help our life planning and execution now and there is no promise of the product or the timing.

This is very sad.  I get comments now as I get out my excellent iPad and FranklinCovey planner - colleagues want to know why I need both!!!!

It is clear that there is a huge market of iPad users that would want a single planner solution with vision, values, goals, calendar, projects and tasks allowing monthly, weekly, daily planning. FC does it all except for detailed project planning.

Sorry guys ! - This is amazingly slow. What and When please ????????

I agree with ChEdge and all

I agree with ChEdge and all the others, 
I have been an avid FC Planner user for 15+ years.  While looking at buying a '11-'12 planner, storage binder, and extra note pages ($75+) I realized everything else I am doing is electronic.  I do a lot of international travel and am tired of carrying around a laptop, netbook and planner.  I've also been an avid supporter of Microsoft over Apple.  Well, I am going out to buy an iPad 2 today. 
After significant research, it seems there are enough people out there that are smart enough that if there is no app for it now, there will be soon.  My dream is the functionality of the FC system that integrates back to my PC and Outlook all from my iPad 2.
FC, you guys have been great.  I am afraid I need to move on.  Iff you come up with something, contact me.  I would love to come back, but it is up to you...
(I saw your video on PlanPlus which said FC has 3 million paper planner users and a few hundred thousand electronic users.   Sounds like the newspapers that went out of business by not adopting the new technology.  In the video, your actor is shown at a desk with a PC in the background, deskphone, laptop and reaching for his paper planner.  Don't you see something wrong with that?).
Hope to hear that you have released a fully integrated and tested system soon... If your team doesn't have the skill, find someone who does.  No one is good at everything, but you are currently the best planning system ...
call me when you do...

I've been with Covey over 20

I've been with Covey over 20 years--and have weathered so many changes with you--so--can you please wake up and hear what all these people who have helped write your paychecks over the years are saying.  We want something where our Outlook (PC or Mac) will synch with our iPhones and iPads.  WE WANT TO STAY LOYAL TO YOU--YOU ARE FORCING US TO LOOK TO EVERYONE BUT FRANKLIN COVEY.  Please don't force us to leave the fold after decades of customer loyaltly.  Please pass this on the Mr. Covey---I'm sure he would light some fires under some people on this.

We are happy to let you in on

We are happy to let you in on a little secret: a FranklinCovey iPhone app has been submitted to Apple and is being reviewed for approval. More details coming soon!

I am so glad to hear that FC

I am so glad to hear that FC is doing something with Apple.  I was a Franklin user before Franklin Quest and Franklin Covey.  I stopped using a paper planner about 5 years ago, and had to abandon Franklin because I use a Mac. Hopefully Franklin has decided to make a full functioning version of their planner. I love the whole Goals to Prioritized Daily Tasks and it seems like creating separate apps is the exact opposite of the Franklin system, I.e having ONE calendar.

When can we expect to see the iPhone app?  I have my fingers crossed.

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