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What's Cooking, Good Looking?!

By Naomi Cook

Ok, here's a little quiz for you all!  Don't worry, there are no essay questions - just a simple yes or no will suffice! 

  1. Do you like to cook and/or bake? 
  2. Do you have some recipes bursting out of a folder in the kitchen, some on documents on the computer and still yet, others pulled from magazines that are somewhere in the abyss of paper piles throughout your home?
  3. Have you spent hours looking for a certain recipe and not been able to find it?

If you said No to all of these, then what are you reading this blog for?!  Just kidding! 

If however, you said Yes to one or all of these, then you are in need of a recipe storage renovation!  No need for anything complex, just look through some of the options below and find out what might work best for you!

Go Old Fashioned

Maybe you have a nice recipe box that has been passed down along the generations in your family.  No worries if you don't!  Find a nice wooden box (sized to fit 4 x 6 index cards) and some decorative index cards like the ones here at FranklinPlanner!  Or choose a simple index card case (divider cards often already come with them) from your local office supply store and some index cards that will fit inside.  I like 4 x6 rather than 3x5, just because they give you more space for writing.  Decide then if you would like to type up the recipes on the cards (via your printer of course, not an actual typewriter!) or if you or a friend has nice handwriting then write them out yourself or commission him or her to do it!  To keep the cards clean, consider getting them laminated and then you won't have to worry about any spills!  Keep the process inexpensive by looking for self adhesive laminated sheets, again at your local office supply store or online, and you won't have to worry about dealing with the expense of a heated laminating machine.  Another option is to look for a nice photo album that matches your kitchen décor.  Plus, albums come with divided sheets to hold multiple pictures; and as pictures are most commonly developed in the 4X6 size and coincidentally a lot of recipe cards are this size as well, everyone will think you're so clever!

Go Modern

 If you haven't yet heard of Pinterest, it is a growing online phenomenon in which you can "copy" pictures of your favorite items, ideas and yes, recipes onto "boards".  It also gives you the opportunity to peruse recipes from its thousands of users and it's free!  Best of all, your recipes will be safe there even if your computer has its issues.  And if you are out and suddenly realize that you need ingredients, then you can access the site on your smartphone!  Another option is to make your own family cookbook.  Create a book with recipes and pictures of family favorites on a book making site such as Shutterfly or Snapfish.  Even Walgreens and Walmart are now offering these services online as well!  Make it fun by interspersing pictures from an event in which you had that delicious cookie or hearty casserole. 

Once you have the option that works best for you, take a look through your favorites, make a list of ingredients and stock up your pantry.  Purchase non-perishable items, enough for making that recipe a couple of times, so that you can have everything, if not all, for your recipe in a pinch.  You'll appreciate this most of all when winter is here and you won't have to trek out to the store for the ingredients to make cookies...um, but you'll still have to go out to get some milk to go along with them! 

Until next time, stay neat people!  

Thanks for the clever organizing advice Naomi!! Recipe organization can be challenging.  If you're in the greater Philadelphia area, take advantage of her professional organizing skills  http://itlooksgoodinside.com/



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