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Unclaimed Prizes!

We at the GO Community sometimes spend so much time trying to help you get and stay organized that we neglect our own organizational needs. My desk and drawers are getting crowded with unclaimed giveaway prizes, and it's time to de-clutter. 

Quite candidly, we're a little embarrassed that you haven't claimed your winnings yet. I mean we've got some really nice prizes here with your name on them. Check the list below and if your name is tagged with a product, all you have to do is get in touch with an email to go@franklincoveyproducts.com to let us know your mailing address. 

Before we re-gift your reward, here's another chance to accept your prize. If your name is listed below, please send us an email and we'll happily send your new organizer on its way.

Milano Journal by EccoloEllis Folio Trio Journal by EccoloElastico Journal by Eccolo

  + Glenn Genevieve             + Elizabeth Miller             + Rebecca Humes

Mini Journal - Nora by Gina B. DesignsMini Journal - Kenzie by Gina B. Designs

                   + Gina Billett Winn            + Sherry Green Hart

Amelia Tote/Pack by Ellington HandbagsTiffany Pond 4-pk Clicks by iPOP    Onyx Three Upright Sections/Two Baskets by Safco
+ Melanie Timbs Moore       + Teri Thomas        + Melissa Brooks Kleiderer

Carnaby Street Collection by Carolina Pad
Rhodia + ExafolioRhodia duo

      + Dianne West                    + Cena Block                  + Lynn Fitzpatrick

Winners of contests that are over a month old (the contest, not the contestants, silly!) who fail to claim their rightful prize will forfeit their winnings and will stand by unaware as we offer their prizes in a GO Giveaway Grab-bag in the near future.

We'll feel bad about it, but there's an organizing lesson to be learned here: sometimes de-cluttering is difficult. Getting rid of old stuff with fond associations and memories can be tough, but you have to ask yourself, "is holding onto this item really honoring the memory? Is there a better way I can preserve the memory without keeping the junk?"

Luckily, if/when we redistribute these great giveaway gifts, instead of old junk we'll be dealing with new organizing tools. And instead of trash cans, we'll be sending our "clutter" to anxious organizers. How's that for a win-win situation?


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