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Please Update for iphone

Two years ago, I purchased an itouch to simplify my life.  I contacted FC, explained to them that I have been using their system since 1988 and that I wantd to continue to use their system but in an electronic format using my itouch.  They said that they were wokring on it.

At work, I use Outlook...I have had to stop using FC and I now use Pocket Informant, which is ok and similar to FC's system, but not not really what I needed.  I purchased this app becasue the FC tasks and goals were very poorly rated. 


Anyways, I check the website regularly to see if a new app has been created to sync Outlook and my itouch...soon to be a new iphone.  Nothing as of yet and my initial requests were two years ago.


FC still has the best system on the market and I do hope that they will listen to 200+ posts vs. my sole request two years ago. 


Please FC consider developing an app that will bring back a very loyal customer that deeply misses your product!  Thank you!




Waiting for an iPhone app

Waiting for an iPhone app myself.  Amazingly, they came out with an Android app before an iPhone app.  Please FC, get your priorities in order.

Thanks for the input,

Thanks for the input, Stephanie and Michele. An iPhone app will be coming out shortly, and we'll be sure to let you know here when it does. We would have loved to launch an FC app for the iPhone at the same time as Android, but Apple has a longer approval process. Don't worry, it's coming.

Is it possible that paper

Is it possible that paper systems just work better, and electronic systems will always fall short?

I'm in real need of getting

I'm in real need of getting organized, trying to decide between paper and electronic.

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