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PlanPlus Online for Android

Any plans to offer an Android app for PlanPlus online?  That would be swell.


I'm another longtime user of

I'm another longtime user of FC paper planner, planplus, and planplusonline products ... started in 90 or 91.  I am also a data management specialist.  I would love to participate in beta testing for android.  I have an Android X.

The new FranklinCovey Android

The new FranklinCovey Android app is out! It's called PlanPlus Tasks. 

At this time, we are not

At this time, we are not looking for beta testers, but I will be sure to look here for future needs. Thank you!

Additionally, you can always

Additionally, you can always check www.franklincoveysoftware.com for Beta Testing info.

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