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Plan Plus 7 for Microsoft Outlook on a Mac

I recently experimented with installing Plan Plus 7 on my macbook pro using parallel for mac. it started to the process to install the software and then i received an error "Outlook_too_low". I have the lastest microsoft office 2011 for mac installed.  i tried to google the issues but have yet to find out why this error occurred.


Does anyone have any answers why this occurred? I mean, i know i can run applications intended for pcs as long as i run them under parallel. i hope someone out there could truly help me.




I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your issue. Your best bet is going to be to get in touch with our dedicated technical support team: http://service.franklinplanner.com/technical_support_contact (phone, email, live chat).

My only guess (keyword being GUESS) would be that PlanPlus 7 isn't equipped (yet) to handle the newest 2011 version of MS Office for Mac. But again, for a more definitive answer please get in touch with our award-winning support team. Good luck!

any joy/update  from this

any joy/update  from this query? 
I have just bought a macbook pro and installed Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.  

Does Franklin Covey's Planplus work with Microsoft Office for mac 2011?

I was a very very happy planplus user on a pc in 2004-6  (having been a Franklin Quest customer since 1993-4).

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