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New 2012 FranklinCovey Planner Refills Giveaway

If you've seen the most recent FranklinCovey catalogs or kept up with us on Facebook or the Get Organized Community blog, you've probably already seen our two newest planner page styles for 2012: Textures and Serenity. Obviously we're excited about them, and so far we've heard good things from longtime FranklinCovey fans and newcomers alike. Now's your chance to score the new planner refill pages for free!

Bur first, a quick look at the new planner page designs:


FranklinCovey's new Serenity design features tiny intricate details that come together as a calm and composed whole. When you use your planner effectively, your schedule can be the same way. Your life is filled with events, appointments, goals and projects. Keep it all together with a little help (and tranquility) from FranklinCovey's new Serenity design. Serenity refill pages are available in ring-bound classic and compact sizes in the 2-page-per-day and 1-page-per-day formats. All sets include two-page monthly calendar tabs.

FranklinCovey Serenity Planner design


You use a planner because you know it helps you navigate your sometimes bumpy schedule easier. With the new Textures planner pages, you can enjoy smoother scheduling, even when the backdrop of your life is a bit rough. FranklinCovey's Textures design is ready to help you embrace your coarse course in 2012; with so-vivid-it's-almost-palpable imagery of tree rings, concrete, parchment and leather. Textures refill planner pages are available in classic and compact sizes, and both wire-bound and ring-bound formats with 1- and 2-page-per-day (EasyPlan) page styles. Two-page monthly calendar tabs are also available separately.

FranklinCovey Textures planner design

Ok, here's the deal. We have five 2012 planner refills available to give away:

1)      Serenity Classic Ring-bound 2-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill

2)      Textures Compact Ring-bound 2-pg Weekly (EasyPlan) Planner Refill

3)      Serenity Compact Ring-bound 1-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill

4)      Textures Classic Ring-bound 2-pg Weekly (EasyPlan) Planner Refill

5)      Serenity Compact Ring-bound 2-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill

We want to make sure our winners get the page style they want and will actually use, so pay attention. With your entry, you must include which of the planner sizes and designs you'd prefer. If you are thinking about trying a new binder size or format, you MAY list TWO (in order of interest) of the five you'd like to be considered for. PLEASE DON'T sign up for more than one page size/style unless you're actually interested in using them (if you love 2-page-per-day and can't imagine using less, don't sign up for the 1-page-per-day, got it?). You may list your preference(s) by their full name, or you can refer to them as #1-5 in the order they are listed above. One entry (with no more than two preferences) per person please.

Entries will be accepted for one week, up until 5pm(MST) on Tuesday November 22nd. On Wednesday we will draw names randomly. If the prize(s) you were interested in have already been awarded, we will keep drawing, proceeding until all five prizes have winners. We will post the winners on our blog, and spread the word through Facebook and Twitter. If your name is selected, we ask that you email us to officially accept your prize and let us know your mailing address.

Ok, got it? Sorry to make the instructions so long, but as a Franklin planner fan I'm sure you can appreciate the attention to detail. On to the entry details...

To enter your name for a chance to win one of the new FC planner page designs, all you have to do is answer the following question:

What's something you've done this year (or will accomplish in 2012) with the help of your Franklin planner?

Leave your answer (and your planner preference) in a comment here on our blog, on Facebook or @GOCommunity onTwitter (you should really like/follow us too if you haven't yet, just sayin').

Good luck! 


In 2011 my planner helped me

In 2011 my planner helped me be an ounce more organized then the year before.  In 2012, here's hoping the planner continues to make me more organized.

In 2011 I used the page per

In 2011 I used the page per project system. This helped me stay on task and on track. I liked having a page that held all the details that helped structure the projects and it was very useful when I needed to update my job description which led to a promotion!!!!! Thank you.

Here is my planner preference for the contest. Serenity Classic Ring-bound 2-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill

#1- serenity classic ring

#1- serenity classic ring bound 2 pg. daily Master Planner Refill

#2- textures classic ring bound 2 pg daily Master Planner Refill

I am a home busines owner, so

I am a home busines owner, so with my Franklin Covey planner, it is my goal in 2012 to better plan my days around my family, while scheduling and keeping to my business hours and goals.

I'm a big planner. I use monthly, weekly, and daily pages.My planner preference is:

The new pages will help me:

The new pages will help me: state a vision, further define goals, set steps, and keep on moving.  Like it has for years, the Covey planner helps me keep an eye on where I am going and where I have been.  My preference:    Serenity Compact Ring-bound 1-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill

This year I used my planner

This year I used my planner constantly to keep everything running smoothly amidst major transitions at work; make the most of my maternity leave; and track milestones and new events in our personal and professional lives. The 2012 refill is at the very top of my holiday wish list this year.

I would love to be selected and would appreciate the Serenity Compact Ring-bound 1-pg Daily (MasterPlan) Planner Refill or  Textures Compact Ring-bound 2-pg Weekly (EasyPlan) Planner Refill.

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