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iPhone App?

I feel like I may be one of the last to be using the paper-based planning system.  I visited the Franklin-Covey site hoping to find information on an app for the iPhone.  Disappointed to learn that is not available.  I'm not interested in paying $15/mo. for PlanPlus online.  Any chance FC is/will develop an app for the iPhone?  Really would like to evolve from the paper-based planner to the 21st century


Abandoned Apple User!!!  As a

Abandoned Apple User!!!  As a busy executive and CEO, I used to love Franklin Covey products.  The entire system for managing my goals and priorities was great.  About one year ago I move my entire company over to Apple products.  We are on Macs, IPADS, and IPhones.  Unfortunately, since Franklin-Covey has completed neglected the Apple community, I am forced to either abandon the Franklin Covey system, or abandon my companies efforts to integrate calendars, projects, and tasks using our Apple infrastructure.  

Sadly, it's not practical to abandon our primary productivity tools (Macs and the associated software) so Franklin Covey has lost a customer (actually 20 customers since our entire company is on Macs).  I hope someday they decide to embrace the Apple community.  Until then, good-bye Franklin Covey.

I too have used Franklin for

I too have used Franklin for years, and when I had faithfully ordered my filler, I have hoped to see an Apple friendly application. Each year I have been disappointed. I am being forced to look elsewhere for my planning solution, though I have yet to find anything that meets the standard of Franklin. I would be more than willing to continue to patronize your business if a Mac version of your software could be made available. Please consider that you are only hearing from a few of us. I know many users who simply cannot wait any longer to move to the digital age. Until you decide to reach across to those of us who use the Apple technology - Farewell.

Hello,We have read your


We have read your comments and have forwarded them to our product management team who is aware of your wants. When we have developed what you are wanting, we will let you know about it on the GO Blog. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your opinions with us!

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