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How do you use FC Products?

Do you have a particular, unconventional way that you use our products? If so, we want to hear about it! We may even feature your method on our website.

For example, do you use a FC Tote as a diaper bag? Or, do you use a Built Gourmet Lunch Tote as a way to store frozen foods for camping? Either way- no matter how bizarre, or not, we want to know! Tell us below.


As somebody who has learned

As somebody who has learned the usefulness of routines from Flylady, I use the Progressive Task Lists for routines.  I trimmed the top of the cards and have one each for morning, evening and weekly routines, and I laminated them with clear contact paper. Everyday, as soon as I complete the routine I move the card to the next day or next week, using my daily planner as the cardfile of the original SHE system. Also, as a teacher, I use the multiple schedule form for weekly lesson planning (Saturday and Sunday columns for extra notes), and the Cutaway Daily Note pages for daily lessons plans, to be filed on the appropriate date, and Address Tabs are great for individual student records.

As someone who works in

As someone who works in semiconductor manufacturing, I copy my daily pages to cleanroom paper so I can take notes in the fabrication area then put the pages back in my main binder. I get asked almost everyday by other Engineers where I got my franklin pages on cleanroom paper. And when I tell them I make them myself, well, it is like seeing a balloon deflate. Franklin is overlooking seveal industries by not providing their products on cleanroom paper. I have tried for years to contact sales, products division and other corporate offices to let them know that task pages, calendars etc. printed on cleanroom paper would sell like crazy. Besides that it would save me the time of printing, cutting, and hole punching everything I use in the fab. If you can get me in touch with products division or at least pass this on to them I would be thankful.

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