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Home Office Organization

We are thrilled to welcome our newest GO Guru Benita Larsson! Benita has a keen eye for decor and is a Swedish visual merchandiser by day and organized home and style blogger by night. Benita blogs at http://chezlarsson.com. Welcome Benita!

By Benita Larsson


Here’s the little home office in the hallway of our little 1930’s house in a Stockholm suburb. Our house it tiny and there’s no room for a complete office but this has served us really well for years.


There's not a whole lot of room but just enough to get the work done. This is where I spend 20+ hours a week blogging but also where I pay bills, file papers, receipts and manage our calendar etc.

I try to keep everything as organized and clutter free as possible. The desk space is really small so anything lying about will disturb my arm movement. Everything has a designated spot and if I want to add anything something else must go.


The unit that makes our home office is a self build and I was totally inspired by the space above from the nine year old special issue “At Home with Technology” from Martha Stewart Living. I remember when I got it that I was obsessed with all the cool ways to organize the ugliness that is technology at home, and I also devoured the fun crafts and admired the awesome spaces.

As I dug the magazine out to illustrate this post, I found myself re-reading it again and loving it as much as the first time around.

Aside from loving the all over clean and pretty design and color scheme I love how there’s not a stray cable for the computer, printer or other gadgets in sight, and how everything is neatly tucked away. I love how the space is both pretty and practical.

Many home offices look too office-y if you see what I mean, they tend to get a masculine vibe with dark office equipment and serious looking files and folders. This office is a happy home office/craft nook but still a very workable space with everything one might need easily accessible. I also love how the storage is a display at the same time- the ribbons and cards are organized but contribute to making the space lovely as well.

Below you’ll see how I’ve adapted the ideas from the Martha Stewart article to ours:


I love the way the cubbies work. They keep the supplies and tools separated and organized. Everything is there out in the open but still contained.


The paper clip holder is a sentimental piece because my son Wille and I got it at the Moma. I used to keep pins on it in my sewing nook but decided it was time to use it for its original purpose again.


I've said it a million times on my blog, corralling is the name of the game. Imagine all the things (french manicure nail varnish, business card, rubber band, a couple of coins, a button, a piece of candy) that are in the apple bowl floating around on the desk top. Eeeek!


I lied. It's not all out in the open. This old cutlery organizer contains a multitude of little do-dads. It and its twin are simply slid onto a shelf right under the desk top. Felt pads protect the surface when sliding them in and out almost like drawers. Works perfectly.


These vertical slots in one of the cubbies also work so well. We each have a slot of our own and there's one slot for bills. All loose papers that are found around the house go in here until the slots are jam packed and get weeded out, tossed/filed/attended to.

Like I said, it’s no a big space but it works really, really well.

Tips to Organize Your Own Office Space

Here are some tips from me to you before you start organizing your own office space:

• Do inventory of what you have and group like things together; all pens, all cards, all envelopes etc. Assess how much of each group you actually have use for. Is there really need for twenty blue ballpoint pens with company logos on them? Maybe you can donate some and free up some space?

Will you ever write 178 note cards with designs you don’t particularly like? Recycle or donate! 

What about those different color files and folders? Do you have room for them in an organized way in the space that you call your home office? How about picking out the ones you like the best and matching the rest around them in terms of practicality and color. Donate the rest.

• Unify your space with color. My choice for a base color is obviously white but yours can be anything that takes your fancy. Stick with that color and an accent color when adding to your storage and basic accessories. This will help unify the space and make it feel less busy.

• Do add a bit of décor and whimsy to your home office. In my case I like to display little knick-knacks here and there but you may want to incorporate some kid’s art or favorite photos. I also like to add non-office storage such as pretty containers that were originally refrigerator ware or tin boxes from when we get samples from India at work to make everything feel less serious.

Thanks Benita, and again, welcome!

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What a lovely setup! 

What a lovely setup!  Beautifully styled (guess that's your expertise) and I love the clean modern look, but most of all the green accents.  I love green and thinks it stands out beautifully here!  Welcome!

My home office doesn't quite

My home office doesn't quite look like this one ... yet. :) Thanks for the inspiration to do some office organization.

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