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I have way too many dishes- how should I organize them?

Wow. My family’s schedule is chaotic! How do I keep us on an organized schedule?

What question would you ask our GO Gurus if you could? Now, you can do just that with our “Ask a Guru” feature! If you have an organizing, financial, time-management, or any other type of question that you’d like to ask our GO Gurus, let us help! Example questions could include:

I want my bookshelves to look like they could appear in a glossy magazine… What is the best way to organize a book shelf AND make them look ah-mazing?

I’m confused. Should I pay off my credit card or put money in savings?

My kids have a hard time finding their go-to-favorite-toys. How should I organize my kid’s toys?

Cords, cords, and more cords. How do I keep my home-office organized?

Send your question to go@franklincoveyproducts.com with “Ask a Guru” in the subject line, or leave your question in the comment field below. We’ll then feature YOUR question and Guru answer on our GO Blog.

What are you waiting for? Our Gurus are here to help- ask away!


Is there a method to get the

Is there a method to get the comments to sort by date? For example this PostI am responding to 9/2010. Post below are 2011answer seems to be no sequence or order.


Unfortunately, at this time,

Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't. However, in our next phase of the GO Community, we are hoping to have that option. Thank you for your feedback.

You can always go to the "Who's Saying What" section in the right-hand section to see what conversations are happening right now.

I became dependent on the

I became dependent on the Jean Chazsky planner  over the last 2 years of using it as it provided me with the ability to plan & track my financial state down to the daily/weekly times.  Now that FranklynCovey has taken this ability away by discontinuing the product & not offering anything equivalent.....what do you suggest other than my photo copying from what is left from this years planner.  I am very upset with their decision to discontinue this product without providing those of us who desperately need that financial ability another equivalent option.....being a guru.....please come up with a workable solution for those of us who are desperately in need of this product

My question is, Why can't you

My question is, Why can't you fix your PlanPlus Online?  Why am I waiting A MONTH to get the fix for a bug?  It is ridiculous that you have a product where you can list tasks, but cannot delete completed tasks.  There is no excuse for this terrible service.  You need to look inward to your organization to decide what sort of service provider you want to be.  You are failing.  Period.

Hi! I hope i'm just pushing

Hi! I hope i'm just pushing the wrong button and this product isn't as defective as the android app.

I have plan plus for outlook. Every time i try and print daily pages it crashes outlook. I have reinstalled twice trying to fix but to no avail. Please Please help.

Sorry to hear about that

Sorry to hear about that printing issue; that's frustrating. Your best bet for assistance is to get in touch with the FranklinCovey Software team. Customer service is available via live chat or over the phone (http://www.franklincoveysoftware.com/resources) Good luck!

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