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Android Apps?

Anyone aware of any Android FC apps that are currently available or will there be any developed for my Droid Incredible?


Hello krichmond0306,Android

Hello krichmond0306,

Android applications are under development – no official release date has been announced yet. We'll keep you posted!

I would love to have an

I would love to have an Android app.  It would be great to have PlanPlus for Outlook sync with my phone!

It is September!! Let's

It is September!! Let's go..get moving on the Android app!!60 days have passed..Need android app or lose me!!

Almost October.......still

Almost October.......still waiting for an Android App.  If I had known the response would have been this glacial I would have bought the on-line version instead of the Outlook based version.  Yawn.

Come on.  I have been using

Come on.  I have been using Franklin Covey for A LONG TIME now (over 20 years).  I want to stay with you.  However I am constantly trying new apps from other companies trying to find the perfect one.       If you give me a Plan Plus app for my Android I would stop looking.  I currently have the Plan Plus Online but the monthly fee sucks.   I would pay $100 for a GREAT PlanPlus app if it worked like the PC version and sync'd with the pc version.

Just in case you missed it...
"Sales of Google Android phones in the U.S. are rising so quickly, the devices have outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. "    http://gigaom.com/2010/08/02/android-sales-overtake-iphone-in-the-u-s/

You are falling behind big time!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! I can tell you that an Android app is under development by our Tech. team. But, I, unfortunately, do not have a release date. When we do I will definitely post it on GO.

I have given your feedback to our Tech. Product Team.

Another month has passed...

Another month has passed...  No news is Bad news!

Like others who have posted I have been a Franklin user for many years, coming up on 18 actually.  I am one of the growing number waiting for an Android App.  I can't keep holding my breath though and am also among those taking a serious look at other planner options outside FC.

Many of us have been hard core loyal through many electronic planner challenges and delays over the years.   We need FC to treat us with the same level of commitment.

Another month has passed.  Please stop telling us it's on the drawing board with no launch date in sight.  

Is alpha testing done, or maybe a beta release available for controlled introduction?  What about a target General Availability date?

Surely someone on the Tech Product Team uses a Franklin Planner and has set, met, or targeted some goals they can share???

What other apps are there

What other apps are there that give you the same tools as FC?  I have been waiting as well and am a long time customer of FC that is fed up with the inefficiencies of the Tech Team.

Oh enough already...At least

Oh enough already...At least get a Beta version out...How hard can it be:)....I am not logging around paper anymore...this is the electronic age...I want something for my Driod X....I can tweak...:):) Need my planner....Since Palms...are now passe...and I dont want an Iphone...

Im Also Waiting and Am

Im Also Waiting and Am Showing Support For A Franklin Covey App----Willing To Pay Up to $65 for an android app
Please,Thank You
Gil ---Droid X

I'm another long-time user (5

I'm another long-time user (5 years with the paper products; the past 10 with electronic FC on my Palm).  I'm also a software product manager, and I can't believe it's now the end of December and Franklin Covey doesn't have an Android app yet.  For every person who comments here, there are 100 who just leave disgusted--lost business all around.  Talk to us, Franklin Covey--when do you expect to have this app available?

PS: I just got an Android

PS: I just got an Android phone for Christmas and could not fathom there's no way to use FC on my new technology.  Unbelievable.

Another FC Loyalist wondering

Another FC Loyalist wondering where the Android App is.

The Android Marketplace is loaded with GTD apps, but still nothing solid for Franklin Covey. I'd go paperless today if there were a decent Android app.

Maybe it's time to seriously consider changing to GTD, since FC doesn't seem to be interested in keeping up. It would be nice to have some official update and a beta program announcement.

I have been waiting for FC to

I have been waiting for FC to get on the ball on this for over a year now.  I love Plan Plus for Outlook.  But I HATE everything I have found to work around.  I would happily be a Alpha, Beta or whatever tester.  Please just get an app out!

I've been using either a

I've been using either a paper planner or FranklinCovey PlanPlus for Windows for over 20 years.  I'm not very tech savvy.  I used to sync my Windows planner w/my Visor Neo..but haven't been able to get my Neo to work with Vista.  From what I'm reading...is my only option at this point to purchase the monthly fee based "online" Franklin??  I have a Blackberry and an I-Touch.  I'm needing to make at least my calendar mobile w/me and preferably also my to do list.  Can anyone help me w/what options are out there right now?  Thanks!

Although I do not have an

Although I do not have an update just yet in regards to the apps that are under development, I am sending all of your comments to our Tech. Product Team. Thank you for your feedback, and I wish I had more info for you.

I did an unofficial poll of

I did an unofficial poll of my friends, and I have twice as many friends that own Android OS phones than friends who own iPhones or Blackberrys.

I bet money that for every 1 Android user that posts on the website a comment about not having a Android Based FC App, there are 50 Android users that don't post and turn to use something else.  Those people will be perfectly fine with the app they end up using by the time FC comes out with one.

And I will bet more money that the tech team responsible for an Android app, thinks we that post are all a bunch morons that don't know anything.  Thousands of apps, hundreds of which are GTD type apps, that are very effective and been out for over a year and Franklin Covey can't produce one???

I have worked for FC and used there product for 15 years, and I have seen nothing but a decline in service and product since I worked for them 15 years ago.

I'm not mad, just amazed that FC is willing to lose some much business for such a simple thing.  What a shame!

I've used FC for almost a

I've used FC for almost a decade. Went from paper to PlanPlus for outlook, and with the new smart phones, having a way to integrate my smart phone with my computer calendar and schedule is just critical.

I am amazed that FC doesn't have a Droid app. What are you guys thinking?

You are a planing company. Why don't you take your own product and start using it to time manage your own resources to get this done?

Is it because your business is dwindling and you are wondering why? Well stop the bleeding, and create the product we are begging for.

Someone else will eventually figure this out, and we will end up going with them, but we're here now because consistently FC has provided good planning products. We are not your loyal friends. We are loyal customers. Please produce the kinds of products that we are asking for so that we can maintain that relationship with you.

I too have used Franklin

I too have used Franklin Covey for a long time, since I was 20 I'm 42 now, it was the first thing that my dad said would make the difference between doing things like a child and the way an adult does things. You know, He was right. And I have been using it ever since. yes I have since transitioned from the paper based system that my dad uses to one augmented by the computer. I used the palm and found it a very good simple uncomplicated syetem. I then moved to the  windows moble phone and the app was more clunky and not as intigrated as I had come to enjoy on the palm system and planplus for xp and now vista. my biggest problem is that I do not work at a computer station and instead must depend on the portable to function as my paper binder when carrieing one is not possible or just down right ineffecient.
so what do I expect from you in an android app is one that is stable, intigated, backs up to an SD card, synchs to my desktop Planplus, and works like the planplus desktop version. I understand Corp CEO's don't think android is that important and don't think it merits the cost and expense that putting more then one programer would incur, I have to agree with the prior posts that the longer you take the more system bashing that will occur from the GTD crowd because the general consent is FC is too bothered by programers that will help themselves and therefore FC won't support. so, please help us help you, please get the program out. Or put a call out to the linx comunity and build it under creative commons and you will probly have an app built that will do everything you want and more in less then a few months. thats what apple did for OS X. Just a users humble opinion.

@GOAdmin...this is not a tech

@GOAdmin...this is not a tech issue, this is a core leadership issue.  Here are the words from this very website and your CEO...

The Rewards of Greatness

Why would an organization “go for greatness”? Why not settle for merely being good? What is the value of meeting the greatness challenge?

It turns out that the rewards of achieving this rare level of success are enormous. Great organizations:

  • Are 50 percent more profitable than their peers.
  • Grow more than twice as fast as their peers.
  • Win the loyalty of all stakeholders, which makes it easier to continue to win in the future.

Beyond these rewards, there is something deeper and more meaningful: the reward that comes only to those who have truly paid the price to excel.

Bob Whitman,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, FranklinCovey

--I have determined either that Mr. Whitman is either blind or a hypocrite.  Am I too harsh or just wrong?  What else can one surmise from such silence?  If he means what he says, he will be more than willing to participate in a transparent Q/A with those who have been FC friends and evangelists for two decades still amazingly willing to follow if he will listen and lead.

I acknowledge that the time I have spent in trying to communicate with you is probably a poor example of FC time management principles.  But you can help redeem the time for many of us if you will simply COMMUNICATE  with us versus insult and frustrate us.

When leaders remain silent, followers can only assume...when many assume...danger looms. 

FCiPadDreams-Thank you for


Thank you for your comments. However, the above information you pulled from FranklinCovey- a separate company of our own. We are now www.franklinplanner.com, which is different in the products that we carry and offer to our customers. Thought I would clarify. However, I will still ask our Product Managers for our Tech. Product when something will be available.

Thank you.

@GoAdmin please be honest.

@GoAdmin please be honest. This thread started almost 8 months ago, and in that time you have done nothing but avoid the question. Each comment is followed by a responce that you will pass the info along to the Product Managers or that you are sending the comments to the Tec product team. 


Have you not been trained to put customer requests into your tasks and then follow up? Why have you relayed the messages and not brought back any answers? Even a simple, "Android users are out of luck, we have a contract with Apple only to build FC apps for the IPhone for the next 235 years, please stop wasting my time". That would allow those of us who would love to throw gobbs of money at FC to throw it elsewhere. Any company that cannot provide adequate feed back does not deserve to be leaders in anything. Let’s face it even there Iphone app only gets an average of 2.5 stars.

 I will begin to post on this web site each day starting on Wednesday March, 16 asking for answers. In addition I'm going to pull a shawshank redemption and write a hand written letter to upper management of Franklin Covey Products LLC. Until there is adequate response. There are enough people out there who use FC products and android that a big stink from enough of us could really stink the place up. 

 Everyone hates the guy who has so much time on his hands that he can make someone else’s life hard. In this case I am a consumer who wants a product from a company I have supported for a long time. I can make the time, and so can you. I have thrown allot of money at the FC system over the years and many of you have as well. I will post the address of the highest ranking management on Wednesday.   

Here is the info for CEO and

Here is the info for CEO and President of Franklin Covey Products, LLC. 

Sarah Merz

2200 West Parkway Boulevard
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119-2099

Phone: 801-975-1776
Fax: 801-817-6085
Nothing vulgar or unprofessional, I'm simply asking for some real answers. Provide a product or let me go somewhere else. 

noandroidbadcovey- We


We appreciate your passion about this product. Each and every time I get a comment on this Forum about a new app I direct it to our Technical Support team who manages the creating of the apps for our company. Each and everytime they let me know that something is indeed in the works. Unfortunately, they do not give me a specific day as to when the product will be released, as they are working through testing the new product to be sure it's released when it is perfectly ready to go.

You are correct about the CEO of our company. In fact, I will send this thread to her and see if I can get an update to you as well.

Finally, I will send this thread to the Manager of our Tech. Team, so they are aware of your passion behind this product. I am hoping to get you a concrete answer soon.

Thank you.

Update from our Tech Product

Update from our Tech Product Manager:

We hope to be ready with our first Andoid App by the end of the month – if testing goes well.  If not, it could be a bit longer.

This will be a Task only app and will sync with Outlook, PlanPlus for Outlook or PlanPlus Online.

We are also working hard with iPhone and iPad, which we plan to release at the same time as the new Android Task App.

Thank you!

Any word on this?  I have

Any word on this?  I have recently switched to Android and have been desperately searching for a replacement for my WM PlanPlus application and none fit the bill.

I'd really like to see what FC has to offer before spending money elsewhere, but I can only live so long without a good tasks solution on my phone.

Please, can you give us an update?

So, It is now April. Any

So, It is now April. Any update? Maybe you need to focus just on getting the Android app out first then go back and work on the iPhone and iPad app. To wait this long only to get a task application for Android is not very promising.

I understand the technical

I understand the technical difficulties with developing a sync feature for Android. I have looked high and low at the various generic options for Android syncing with Outlook. There simply isn't much out there yet.
As an alternative, would you consider a cloud storage solution with a simple mobile web interface, simlar to what you have with PlanPlus Online?  This way, I could sync PlanPlus for Outlook to the cloud, automatically, in the background, then at least view my tasks and appointments via a web interface. 
I know it's not the same as a native app running on my Android but at least it provides a mobile solution to get things started. 

I would think they would

I would think they would appear more concerned about at least giving people updates as to where they are at with this.  They have been promising something for a REALLY LONG TIME NOW!  There are a lot of really skilled programmers looking for work, maybe they need to consider hiring some with this skill set.  I won't upgrade to the latest version of Plan Plus at this point because if I am going to have to switch planning systems to something with an Android app, I am not throwing more money in Franklin Coveys direction.  I will miss FC though.  I have been a long time user (over 20 years now) and I really like their system.  Can't live without Android support though..

It's the end of April, can we

It's the end of April, can we get an update?  I'd be happy with a preview of functionality that will be available and an updated timeline.  I'd like to make a purchase decision soon and if FC can't deliver anything then I'd like to spend my money elsewhere.  If you are going to deliver a good product soon, then i'd prefer to stay with FC.

The FranklinCovey Software

The FranklinCovey Software team has now entered into a limited beta test for PlanPlus Tasks for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

We hope the beta test will go well and that the products will be released to the market soon.

We are working hard to make sure the quality of the new applications is high and that our customers will be delighted with the apps.

Well, this thread was started

Well, this thread was started nearly a year ago and nothing tangible for us yet.  I am afraid my time has run out to wait.  I have tried all of the task-based apps for Android and now need to make a decision on which to put $ down for and can no longer wait for you to release something.  Maybe sometime in the future I will revisit, but for now, I am taking my $ elsewhere to get a task-based app on Android.

Hello! Any news about the

Hello! Any news about the Android app? I have been very satisfied so far with the FC PlanPlus for Outlook and using it with my Windows Mobile smartphone.

After I changed my phone for Android one, I am lost. Cannot find the system, which meets my needs (syncing tasks, calendar, projects and contacts with computer and phone).

I would like to become the betatester, if it happens in the nearest future. Otherwise I am going to look somewhere else, which I wouldn't like to do. So far I have been very satisfied with FC products.

Best regards

Dan from Tallinn

Good news! A Franklin Covey

Good news! A Franklin Covey Android app is finally available. It's called PlanPlus Tasks and it has a lot to offer, including ABC-123 prioritization, syncing with Outlook, task delegation and more. 

Sorry for the wait. We know it's overdue, but check it out and see what you think.

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