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Android App, Or lack there of...

How can a company which prides itself on making people more organized and efficient be so laxed about putting together an app that has been mentioned on this site for over a year!

I have the Planplusonline mobile and frankly it sucks. It does not utilize the open source coding that links its calendar to the android calendar and therefore it does not give any notifcations or alerts about anything, unless you have it go through your email or texts, and even then it's spotty. In order to check something off, you can't just check it off, you have to actually open the "task" and then check it off and THEN Save it?!!?!?!?! Come on, there are free task apps that have more functionality than that! Any programmer can create something functional like that, why is this company that has so many upper level managers and individuals that LOVE the FC system having such a fundamental breakdown in getting its customers something that is functional and worthwhile. ANYTHING, that will work within android, would be better than the junk I'm paying $15/month for now. And seriously, once i get everything transferred, I'm getting out! it's just not workth it anymore. Even the Planplusonline product seems cheap compared to other programs out there.

I had PALM, the palm xe, back in the 80's and IT had a better program than FC does now. Tell me how that works? Technology in this company has gone backwards.

I LOVE the system of FC. But the digital ineptitude of the company to bring it online or at least license the SYSTEM OUT to someone that can actually program something worthwhile is quite astonishing.

I hate to say it, but there has to be a better way, and FC just does not seem able to meet the needs of its customers. After having it for over 20 years, I hate to say goodbye, but I believe its not worth my time anymore to wait. I am less productive waiting for it.




Kevin White


We admit it Kevin, this has

We admit it Kevin, this has been long overdue. The good news is that a brand new FranklinCovey Android app is now available! It's called PlanPlus Tasks, and it brings proven FranklinCovey task management methodology to the Android. Check it out: http://www.franklincoveysoftware.com/products/mobile/planplus-tasks

It might not be everything you're hoping for (yet), but we hope it addresses some of your concerns and meets your Android task app needs. 

Thanks for candidly voicing your concern and sticking with us. We know it's been a long time coming, but we're determined to make the best task app for Android (and other mobile platforms). 

Like Kevin I too tried Plus

Like Kevin I too tried Plus Plan Online with mobile app and was quickly and highly disappointed. I have since returened to the tried and true tested paper planning systems. 
I too enjoy FC products and organizational effectiveness, but was astonished at the poor technology equivialent. 
While disappointed in technology, was not disappointed with the FC quailty. Yet, at the end of my brief interaction with the application I decided that then pen to paper method is most productive for me, as it has been scientificall proven to be most productive for all. 

Great comment HBB. The

Great comment HBB. The software team continues to improve the software, online and mobile planning solutions. But even so, there's something to be said about the positive power and productivity of physically planning with paper and pen/pencil. Keep up the great work, and happy organizing!

I just did some research on

I just did some research on the Planplus Android App and the poor reviews clearly confirm what the users above have stated.  If there were a free demo of it available I would try it out for myself, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  And to top it off at least one user stated that they were not able to get a refund after being very disatisfied with the app.

I can only state my profound disappointment!  But I'm not sure it or any facts will be heard or acted on.

Even with the marketing surge that Apple had with it's 4S they still don't own the market.  And if past performance is any indicator their surge in market share will only last long enough for the shine to ware off and people will again return to performace over marketing where Android has always won.

Apple has has 30% of the market, Android has 46%.  Blackberry 15%, Windows Mobile 5%, and the rest combined (Palm, Symbian, Win Phone 7) only 4%.

It certainly makes sense to support Apple given their marketing engine and momentum, but supporting Android so poorly???  I don't get it.  Instead legacy support for Palm and Win Mobile seems to be more important and they make up less than 6% of the market.

If your position is that the online planning tools are the only answer for Android users, it falls way far short of what is really needed.  You need Android apps and sync support on PlanPlus for Windws and Outlook that is automatic and does not require some third online app to maintain.  Will that ever come, or should I just give up and start looking for a new planner company...

For almost 25 years I have been an FC advocate if not outright evangelist.  The FC planning mehtodology is far better than anything else out there.  But the total failure to effectivley enable it's use on one of the most prolific mobile platforms on the market despite years of feedback asking for it shows an astonishing disreguard for your customer base.

They have been saying an

They have been saying an Iphone app was coming for ages...nothing...so don't feel left out.  They just don't get it.  This was the first year since I can remember that I did not get an organizer...I have had to piece together a haphazard system, but I just could not go one more year lugging around a planner, when I have a perfect tool in my pocket.  I just wish I had something in my toolbox that encompassed the entire FC methodology in one app.

Dear Lord - where to begin.

Dear Lord - where to begin. How FranklinCovey, a company that is built on values such as proactivity, first things first - continues churn out shoddy software and turtle slow innovation is utterly impressive. I'd go on and on about my disapointment with FC, but I'd rather be proactive, so here... two non FranklinCovey solutions that exists due to FC's incompetence:



Neither solution is great... but both progammers are committed to building software that allows people to use the 7 Habits methodology.

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