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 Time to pop the question -

 Time to pop the question - planplus for outlook version 7 when and how?


Hello Eran, I've asked our

Hello Eran,

I've asked our Tech Product Managers your question; I'll let you know what I hear!

Yeah, V6.0 is quite basic and

Yeah, V6.0 is quite basic and hard to handle, doesnt support Blackberry newest operating system.....when the new release?!?!?

Hello levorie, Thanks for the

Hello levorie,

Thanks for the feedback.

We do not have a definitive release date as of yet, however, once we do have one, I will post it here.

Version 1.3 of the fcTasks

Version 1.3 of the fcTasks for iPhone is great upgrade to a product that seems to be the ONLY task program on the iPhone that utilizes the Franklin Covey methodology of task management (ABC123) whereas all the others uses the GTD (Getting Things Done) method.  Once the upgrade to 2.0 comes out it will be a formadible product since it will sync with Outlook at that time as well as FC Mobilelife, which I expect should be available for the iPhone by that time.  Even the demo video has a Mobilelife icon on the iPhone interface shown in the video, so I hope it's right around the corner.

Thanks for your feedback,

Thanks for your feedback, ScottNWDW! We'll do our best to update you on any product updates related to this product.

I would like to see a version

I would like to see a version of PlanPlus that would allow you to include the Go Forum and Blog notes as something you can access on the PlanPlus Today page.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, Ampersand! I think it's a great idea. I'll forward your suggestion to our Product Management team.

Anyone else having problems

Anyone else having problems getting PlanPlus 6 to sync with Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista? I've spent quite a while with your online tech support and am now wondering if I'm the only one experiencing problems...

what kind of problems are you

what kind of problems are you experiencing 20thcenturycat?


Personal vs. Professional

Personal vs. Professional Information:

I am having difficulty integrating my planning system on a PDA.  As I understand it, a planning system should include ALL information to my life, my mission. however, my preference is not to have my personal data (contacts, appointments, tasks, etc.) on my office Outlook.  I'd like all my information in one place, but I'm not necessarily comfortable having my private life included in my office planner. 

Does anyone have a good solution to this problem?

MadMax, I remain very happy

MadMax, I remain very happy with Planlus V6 for Outlook. I synch with my Palm Treo 700wx. (Granted, some may say this Palm is out of date, but I insist on getting a minimum of five years out of my PDA's. These things are expensive. Too expensive to replace annually.) I simply included just what I wanted on Outlook at the office and would synch the Treo at work.

I hope this helps.

I'm a real estate agent and

I'm a real estate agent and time management is a real problem. Real estate in this city has not been all the bad, but still a huge challange.

My question is: Has anyone, who has used a PDA for years and could not stay organized with it so they tried something else, but still used both?

Maybe they tried a Franklin Covey product or something like this and found better results. May they still used their PDA to plan calls or projects that were reoccuring and still used a Franklin Covey, however I've heard some of the best organization Gurus's tips were "1 planner- 1 Place" were thes best way to get organized and stay that way. The key problem here is: what happens when you have a nice scheduled day and all of a sudden some project or appointment comes out of no where and you need to take care of them....Then your schedule and proactivity work goes out the window.

Thanks for any responses

I am a devout frankilin user

I am a devout frankilin user since 1991. I want to move to a PDA. I prefer a stand alone PDA or an iphone/evo etc. It must have the largest screen possible, no microscopic blackberry screens :). Also I want it to integrate easily with plan plus for windows (no plan plus online) Is this possible? what are my best options?

I've been using a classic

I've been using a classic sized planner for the past ten years and love it.  I also now tote around an iPad.  Any chance FC would consider designing a binder that could also double as an iPad case.   It would require some serious thought to do it right 

I've tried the FC software,

I've tried the FC software, hence tried (still installed though).  Was not more efficent, more of a headache and double the work.  I'm a paper to pen gal, it gets the job done for me.  Looked into the plan plus online...and passed! 

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