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I'm loving the new GO! How

I'm loving the new GO! How about you?

For sure!

For sure!

Can't tell because I don't

Can't tell because I don't know what the old one looked like.

Seen much better fora software, though.

Thanks, Capt. Curmudgeon...

Thanks, Capt. Curmudgeon... what other things would you like to see in a community?

Good Morning GOAdmin: any

Good Morning GOAdmin:

any plans for a Get Organized or Franklin Covey link on Twitter?

Indeed! Follow us here:

Indeed! Follow us here: http://twitter.com/GOCommunity

Dear GoAdmin: I've often

Dear GoAdmin:

I've often wondered whether Franklin Covey designs/makes/sells a security device for it's organizers. I was thinking of something like a safe or container which could be locked and bolted to somewhere inside the house. My organizer contains a lot of very confidential information like passwords/financial details. If I was living in a shared household I would want somewhere better than under the bed. Perhaps the bank is an option? Your thoughts.

Great idea! I don't think we

Great idea! I don't think we have anything like this currently, but I will send our Product Managers your idea- I think it's a very good one. Thanks for sharing.

Dear GO Admin: Are we able to

Dear GO Admin:

Are we able to bookmark Blog articles, as we could under the previous system? I want to bookmark "Smart Buys: A New Way to Shop", but I can't find how to. kind regards.

Hello hamishB, One way to

Hello hamishB,

One way to bookmark an article is to add them to your browser's "Favorites" or to "Bookmark" it. If you click on the title of an article- it comes up with its own link. Then, go to Bookmarks or Favorites (depending on which browser you use) and add it as a new bookmark or favorite. I hope this works for you and glad you liked the article!

Dear GoAdmin: must complement

Dear GoAdmin:

must complement Franklin Covey on the new 'I am a Planner' promotion; particularly the people on the home page; very refreshing.

I have a question: how many hits does your web page get? do you have stats on how many read the Blog and the User  Forum (besides those who contribute)?

I'm just sending this out as

I'm just sending this out as a "hello".  As a new member I feel it only fitting to introduce myself.  My real name is Doreen.  My one request for Christmas was a Franklin Planner.  I had one for a very long time up until about 10 years ago when it was stolen and have decided to get back on track with my life and objectives.  I found myself much more productive and wasting a lot less time when I utilized the system.  I am truly looking forward to using this site as a way to learn new ways of utilizing the tools I have available to me and look forward to learning new ways of using the tools I already have.  I am not a member of most social media and find it hard to fit into my day, but can't wait to learn from this community.

May 2012 be a year that we all strive for our potential, reach the goals we set and, hopefully, help others reach theirs.


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