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Julie Morgenstern's Balanced Life Planner

We've been working directly with Julie Morgenstern to create an exciting, new planner that helps you make the most of your time.

Julie's Balanced Life planner empowers you with:

+ More than 20 pages of exclusive content structured around her views on managing time, tasks, goals, and activities.

+ An updated user guide, 20 Time Maps, and a fresh design filled with vibrant colors and plenty of open space.

Features of the planner include:

+ Planner comes in both ring-bound and wire-bound.

+ A two-pages-per-day with detailed appointment schedules, a Daily Tasks section for calls and to-do items, and a Personal section for names, numbers, and other details.

+ Get all details on the ring-bound planner here and wire-bound planner here.

Reminder: We'll be having a live Q&A Session with Julie Morgenstern herself on 1/5/2010. If you have a question for Julie about time management or organization, email go@franklincoveyproducts.com.


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